It all started with this outfit.

I was on vacation with my fiancé and we were joking around about my shirt and newly purchased hat, which I bought almost as a joke (but ended up loving by the way and we'll probably offer those on the site next year).

I made the comment that I looked like I was straight out of the Trailer Park. She laughed and said I should hit the golf course wearing it later that week. 

Later that night after one too many beers, I sat on the couch trying to dream up the perfect business idea as I sometimes do. I love golf, and I've always wanted to do something in the golf industry, but every idea I ever had felt like a rip off of someone else's concept.

As I was scrolling through my photos of that day, I stumbled on the one above, and it hit me. Trailer Park Golf Club.

I love playing golf, getting out there drinking beers with the guys, cranking some music on the mini-speaker, cruising around barefoot in cutoff jean shorts...but there's a few things I've never liked about the game, namely the snobby culture that surrounds it and the big name apparel options that tend to feed into that culture. No matter what traditional golf apparel I wore on the course, I felt ridiculous because it didn't fit my style. There are a lot of great independent brands out there, but nothing I felt like I could actually identify with. 

And so the idea was born. Trailer Park Golf Club would be a golf apparel brand for golfers who are more Trailer Park than country club. Stuff you can wear and not feel like a snob. A brand that common, blue-collar golfers can identify with. A way to say that you love golf, but don't care what people think about the way you look or the clothes you wear. 

I woke up the next day and was probably more excited about the idea than the night before. I texted my buddies Isaac and Matt and they loved the concept.

Fast forward to today... We're three guys with zero combined college degrees who have all worked hard over the years to build individual careers of our own, now working together to build a golf apparel brand. None of us come from apparel, or retail, or e-commerce, so it's been quite the learning curve. There's been a lot of mistakes made along the way and I'm sure they'll be a lot more. But we're figuring it out.

To our early followers, subscribers, and customers who have been on board with the concept and brand from the beginning, we honestly can't thank you enough. Each positive comment, message, and email along the way has gone a really long way in getting the brand to where it is today. The early support based on product photos or just the idea of the concept itself really told us we were onto something before we were ever close to making our first sale.

We're just getting started but hope it's a successful run. Happy to have all of you along for the ride.

-Chris, Isaac, and Matt - The Trailer Park Golf Club Team